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Fred Smit

Herenstraat 33 A

Voorburg, 2271 CA




"Fred is a highly experienced estate and letting agent in Den Hague who specializes in finding the best deals for his clients. Fred helped me to source a beautiful apartment in the upmarket international 'Statenkwartier' area of Den Hague, he did all legal background checks, gave advise on the building quality and expected maintenance, which enabled me to negotiate a lower purchase price. He then recommended a notary and after completion supervised some refurbishment work that was needed in the apartment. He is trustworthy, diligent, and fun to work with, I recommend Fred to anyone who is looking for a property in Den Hague."


"Fred helped to find the perfect property for my parents! I would Highly recommend him!" 


"We contacted Fred after he was advised to us by 3 separate colleagues of my wife. My wife works in international affairs and her colleagues were all foreign and worked with him due to his extensive network and in depth technical knowledge of The Hague houses and neighborhoods. Although I am Dutch myself and have connections in The Hague, we were not able to acquire housing in the 12 months prior to working with Fred. The Hague prices are exploding due to low interest rates and most houses are sold before they hit the market. Fred was able to translate our wishes into the right house and neighborhood for our family. With our new house ready to move in - bought only 4.5 months after we started - I fully understand why the earlier mentioned colleagues gave such high recommendations." 


"Real estate agent fred smit skillfully helped our family purchase our home. Buying a home is an important milestone in a person's life and requires careful consideration and expert guidance. In the competitive real estate market, having a knowledgeable and experienced real estate agent can make all the difference in ensuring a smooth and successful transaction. Fred Smit, a well-established broker, has proven to be invaluable to us with his expertise, attention to detail and exceptional personal service.  Fred Smit's extensive knowledge of the local real estate market sets him apart from other agents. With years of experience in the industry, Fred has developed a deep understanding of market trends, property values and neighborhood dynamics. This knowledge enables him to provide his clients with accurate and up-to-date information, allowing them to make informed decisions. In addition, Fred Smit's experience in negotiating and closing deals attests to his expertise. He has excellent negotiation skills, which he has honed over the years, allowing him to negotiate favorable terms and prices for his clients.  Fred's ability to navigate through the complexities of the negotiation process ensures that we client get the best deal possible. In addition, Fred Smit's understanding of the legal and financial aspects of buying a home is invaluable. Well versed in the intricacies of contracts, mortgage processes and legal requirements, he ensures that his clients' interests are protected throughout the transaction. Fred's expertise in these areas gives his clients peace of mind, knowing they are in capable hands.

Fred Smit's keen attention to detail is a key factor in his success as a real estate agent. He conducts thorough property inspections and appraisals, leaving no stone unturned. By carefully examining every aspect of a property, Fred is able to identify any problems or risks that may arise during the home buying process. This attention to detail allows his client to make informed decisions and avoid unpleasant surprises in the future. In addition, Fred's meticulous analysis of market trends and property values ensures that his clients make responsible investments. He carefully studies market data, including recent sales and comparable properties, to determine a property's fair market value. This analysis enables his clients to make offers that are both competitive and reasonable, increasing their chances of securing their desired property.

In addition to his expertise and attention to detail, Fred Smit is known for his exceptional service and support . He values open and responsive communication and ensures that his clients are always kept informed during the home buying process. Whether answering questions, providing updates or addressing concerns, Fred is immediately available to offer advice and support. In addition, Fred stands out for his ability to listen to and understand his clients' needs and preferences. He takes the time to truly understand what his clients are looking for in a home, taking into account their lifestyle, budget and future plans." (TRANSLATED FROM DUTCH)


"I had a positive experience working with Fred Smit, a real estate agent who is not only legally qualified but also technically experienced. Finding someone who is knowledgeable in both legal aspects and technical apects of real estate can be beneficial in navigating the complexities of the industry. Moreover, the fact that Fred Smit is pleasant to work with on a personal basis is an added bonus. A good working relationship can make the process of buying or selling property much smoother and enjoyable. I absolute recommend him. 


We are British and worked with Fred for 15 years. He bought, managed and sold our property in The Hague. He is vastly experienced in his field and is hugely reliable and dependable. I would not hesitate for a moment to recommend Fred to anyone who is looking to rent/buy/sell in The Hague.
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